Meet the artists

Peter H

As a self-taught artist, Peter’s ceramic creations represent his own personal style and build on his passion for life-like colours. Peter often includes neatly written words and phrases in his pieces – a unique ability discovered during his early childhood. Whilst speaking can be a challenge, Peter enjoys talking through art and enjoys the social opportunities that his occupation creates

Kimberly G

Since 2010, Kim has been sculpting a rewarding career as a Ceramics Assistant at Monte Lupo Arts. During work experience, Kim was identified as having a creative streak and was offered the opportunity to take part in an art therapy course. Kim soon discovered what she now describes as 'the bit that was missing'. 

Despite a challenging start to her role at Monte Lupo, Kim has been able to further enhance her fine motor skills, while developing her love for ceramics. Kim is now a studio supervisors and  creates unique polymer clay and ceramic earrings for By Indeko.